8 ways to choose office uniforms

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8 ways to choose office uniforms

At the office, the office, the dress of the female staff is very noticeable because it shows the cultural beauty of modern society. Most women like themselves in the eyes of colleagues and are more confident in their work.
Here are some suggestions on how to choose the school uniform
1. A pair of trousers

One trousers is the top choice for a female office worker. But be careful and choose not to wear too much or too loose. Choose a style to emboss your body. For trousers, you also need to pay attention to the shoes and a vest to show off your waist. Choose a striped trousers with matching stripes or colored pants, but do not wear too dazzling colors or too flashy to work will be offensive.
2. Legs skirts

If you prefer to wear skirts, choose a pencil skirt. The small folded skirt or straight line in the front, side or back makes you easy to walk and the details add to your charm. Choose a dress with a lining inside. The length of the dress you wear when you go to the office to the knee so that when you stand or sit is convenient for work.
3. Blouses

When you choose to wear a blouse with no jacket attached should not choose a shirt with too thin fabric. If you do not like long sleeves, choose short sleeves or long sleeves and do not wear sleeveless shirts. Avoid wearing too loose a cloak and nails cling to your skin.
4. High-heeled shoes

To choose shoes for the job site, the shoes have to be comfortable when you have to carry them all day. Of course, you always have to keep it clean and glossy. Choose a pair of open shoes or sandals. You can also choose high heel shoes if your job characteristics do not have to go too much during the day.
5. Jewelry

Jewelry should not be used too much for work clothes, use the small jewelry, gentle and delicate. If you wear a watch, avoid wearing bracelets if you wear earrings, rings, avoid wearing a necklace. Unless you choose simple jewelry for your face.
6. Hair

A simple hair that is not too flashy or messy will be suitable for a person with a long hair style and should have a tuxedo or a ponytail on the back. If your hair is short, pinch it to the side with your hair tucked in. Do not use too light makeup for your hair, use light pins.
7. Hands and nail

Take care of soft hands with a few rings, avoid the nail polish color bright and dazzling. The foundation is cut short and medium length, if you like long nails, paint them in dark colors it will shorten the nail.
8. Handbag

Handbags are an indispensable accessory for office girls and office workers and it speaks a lot of your style. Buy a nice bag, glossy leather and choose medium size bag. If you like small models then choose a shoulder strap type.
Here are 8 ways to choose the dress and accessories for girls office. To have a graceful, elegant and modern style. You should pay attention to the coordination between clothes and accessories to be more harmonious.
Wish you success and always beautiful self-confidence in front of your colleagues!